Grassroots “Soup-To-Nuts” Marketing

Large supermarket chains like Safeway/Vons often need a great deal of assistance in elevating new brands they carry in store. This requires a whole new level of effort and expertise but luckily for them, Brainbox was ready and willing to help.

We implemented custom street promotions for each of the new product lines identified and managed soup-to-nuts everything from the product PR campaigns to couponing to on-site/in-venue promotions.

BrainBox organized and successfully implemented;

VONS Hispanic Tours

  • 550,000 target consumers at four events
  • BrainBox distributed over 50,000 product samples, 25,000 brochures and 500 gift cards to the community


Refreshe Drink- Safeway & Great American Rivalry Series

  • Over 20,000 bottles of the Refreshe Drink were distributed
  • BrainBox activated street teams distributed over 15,000 coupons, 10,000 Safeway branded notepads and 26,000 water bottles to the community


Bright Green Clean Team

  • BrainBox implemented a year long promotion
  • BrainBox and Bright Green teams traveled to over 10 cities nationwide, worked with local volunteer youth to clean public areas, “leave them cleaner than we found them”

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